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Creating Product Strategies that Deliver Results

Most organisations have product teams that are responsible for creating and delivering digital products. To ensure these products deliver results for their customers and business, these product teams need to be able to create clear and executable product strategies – this is where I can help!

Using my 20+ years of experience in practice, as an author, mentor, event host and speaker, I provide a Product Strategy Accelerator, Training and Talks that enable teams to create product strategies that deliver results.

Product Strategy Accelerator– context analysis, strategy workshop facilitation and strategy process creation services that are embedded in the team and provide hands-on expertise and focus that results in faster and better strategies that the team can execute against

Product Strategy In-house Training & Talks – custom talks and training that blends industry expertise with your internal know-how to develop product strategy capabilities that fit and work for your organisation

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Product Strategy Public Training & Talks – a set of industry standard training sessions and talks that develop and level-up product strategy capabilities that can be used in current roles or as part of career progression/development

Product Strategy Canvases – two free product context and strategy canvases designed to help you capture contextual insights and create product strategies (download the canvases)

Sample Use Cases 1: Product Strategy Accelerator – Maurice is a group product manager. He needs a product strategy for the next 3-6 months to support funding requests and also prioritise his teams focus. However, he does not have the time or an established process to deliver this in the time allowed. I enter the business and work with Maurice, over a 1-month period, to create a product strategy.

Maurice brings his knowledge of the business and product domain, whilst I bring product strategy expertise and a high level process, templates and activities (which we customise to his organisation) to drive forward the process. In less than 1 month, we are able to create a product strategy that the team and stakeholders buy into and start executing against – the 1 months work includes research and interviews to capture contextual insights and workshops with key stakeholders to create the product strategy and high-level plan for execution.

With my extra pair of hands focused on the product strategy and nothing else, we are able to create a product strategy focused on delivering results!

Sample Use Cases 2: Product Strategy In-house Training & Talk – Jo has a great team of product managers and as part of their development would like to level-up their product strategy capabilities, to ensure that are focused on delivering results for customers and the business. Following a 1-hour product strategy talk, there are requests for a deeper dive into the topics covered e.g. ABC. A few weeks later a custom 1-day training session is delivered to the team. Leading up to this, some time is spent with the Jo and the team to understand how the team works today and where it needs to go. Blending these insights with the core product strategy principles, the training session is created and delivered. From this, the team feels better placed to create product strategies that deliver results.

Sample Use Cases 3: Product Strategy Public Training – Charlie wants to be able to contribute more to their team, whilst also developing their career and capabilities, so signs up for the Product Strategy Public Training session. At the event, they get to delve into product strategy in lots of detail including understanding what product strategy is and why its important, the importance of contextual insights and how to capture this, how to create product strategies that are focused and executable. Plus, lots more. On returning to the office, Charlie feels much more confident in their ability and has already started implementing some of the ideas that were introduced at the training session.

About me

With 20+ year experience as a practitioner, author, mentor and event host, I offer a unique combination of practical skills, insights and tools to help you deliver clear and focused product strategies.

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