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Product Strategy Training

Product Strategy Training for Product People

At this immersive training session prepare to be taken on a journey through talks, exercises and Q&As covering practical insights, techniques, examples and case studies. On completion, you’ll leave ready to create, communicate and execute focused and clear product strategies.


Divided into 6 sections, the immersive training will cover:

What is product strategy?

  • As an introduction we’ll briefly explore the essence of product strategy including the business/customer value exchange, how it fits into the product management and the wider organisation, and why it’s important to ensure it gets the right level of attention

Capturing and understanding contextual insights

  • Before product strategy comes capturing and understanding your context (incl. customers, competitors, market, etc.). Here we’ll outline and explore the information that needs to be captured, the sources of this information and the tools (incl. the Product Context Canvas) and techniques for pulling this together and building the picture that will underpin and drive forward your product strategy
  • To complete this section, we’ll work through an exercise, based on a real business, to put the theory into practice and prefer for the exercise later in the session

Creating product strategies

  • To create your product strategy (incl. using the Product Strategy Canvas), we’ll work through a number of topical areas and answer key questions that together will help you define your product strategy and the direction of your product
  • Once complete, we’ll work through a 2nd exercise that uses the learnings from this section and the earlier exercise to create a product strategy

Product strategy storytelling

  • With your strategy complete, you’ll need to be able to tell its story. Here, we’ll work through techniques for telling your product strategy story in a compelling way that informs and engages your stakeholders and wider business

Moving from strategy to execution

  • To ensure your strategy delivers value to your business and customers, we’ll look at the next steps that take you from product strategy to product strategy execution

Summary and close

  • After a day of immersive content and exercises, we’ll finish with a summary and final Q&A

Teas, coffees and lunch will be provided throughout the day alongside breaks.

Product Strategy 1-2-1

After the event, each attendee will have access to a 1-2-1 session. In this, we’ll discuss any open questions and deep dive into any topics you would like to know more about to ensure you are able to apply the course content in your organisation.

Who is this training for?

Everyone creating or working on digital products e.g. senior/product managers, heads of product, product designers and tech-leads. If you (or your team) would like to learn, expand or polish your product strategy knowledge and skills, this training is for you.

When and where are the training sessions?

9.30am – 4.30pm, 27th September 2023, Edinburgh – BOOK

9.30am – 4.30pm, 11th October 2023, Bristol – BOOK

9.30am – 4.30pm, 25th October 2023, Dublin – BOOK

9.30am – 4.30pm, 8th November 2023, Manchester – BOOK

9.30am – 4.30pm, 22nd November 2023, London – BOOK

What is the ticket pricing?

£399 UK/€449 Ireland – Early Bird

£549 UK/€599 Ireland – General Admission

Note: self-funding attendees can claim a 15% discount. Email [email protected] for a promo code.

What have people said?

“Great content, presentation and balance between theory and practical”

“Content was awesome”

“Loved the coverage of principles and concepts”

About the trainer

Asomi Ithia is a senior product management professional, with experience working across all stages of the product life cycle for organisations such as Barclays, BT, Cognizant, 02, Sky & Thomson Reuters.

Using 20+ years of knowledge and insights, he has authored 4 product management books, as well as mentoring product people, co-hosting a monthly product meet-up and writing and speaking on the topic.

Training Highlights

  • In-person
  • Immersive with examples, case studies and exercises
  • Lead by experience product practitioner
  • Peer collaboration and learning
  • 1-2-1 session post-training
  • Max 12 attendees per session

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