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Asomi Ithia - Product Strategy Workshops & Facilitation

Do you lack time and/or expertise to create clear and executable product strategies?

I can help with Product Strategy Workshops or Product Strategy Facilitation.

Creating Product Strategies Workshops by Asomi Ithia

Creating Product Strategies Workshops – free interactive sessions designed to take your team through a journey of understanding and capturing your contextual insights, then using these to create executable product strategies that are clear, effective and focused.

Product Strategy Facilitation by Asomi Ithia

Hands-on Product Strategy Facilitation Expertise – a hands-on service that combines product and facilitation expertise and is designed to support your team through the process of gathering insights and using these to create executable product strategies.

Creating Product Strategies Workshop

Product strategy is hard.

Through my ‘Creating Product Strategies’ workshops, let me take you and your team on a journey covering practical insights, examples and techniques that will help create focused and clear product strategies.

In the 1-3 hour session (I’ll customise it to you), we’ll cover:

  • What is product strategy and why it’s important
  • Capturing and understanding contextual insights
  • Creating product strategies
  • Moving from product strategy to execution and beyond
  • Plus, we’ll cover lots of examples and put the words into action with a few exercises.

Whether experienced pros or newer to the domain, this session will help polish your skills and knowledge.

Product Strategy Facilitation

Due to time and expertise constraints, product strategy can be hard to get done. As research has illustrated, it is one of the main challenges facing product teams.

Product strategy creation can be made easier.  Using my combination of product strategy and facilitation expertise, I will work with you, providing an expert pair of hands to turn your ideas into product strategies that are clear and executable.

You bring the domain knowledge, I’ll bring:

  • Product strategy expertise
  • Facilitation expertise
  • Customisable tools
  • An external voice/questioning
  • Customisable activities

Founded on a core set of activities to capture your context and set your strategy, example product strategy facilitation activities can include the following:

With 20+ year experience as a practitioner, author, mentor and event host, I offer a unique combination of practical skills, insights and tools to help you deliver clear and focused product strategies.

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